About Asya

PI am a growth marketer and business developer by trade and a Women in Tech advocate outside of work! Asya has help multiple marketing roles with increasing responsibility at both large and small B2B companies such as SolidWorks, Neurala, productboard and GrokStyle (acquired by Facebook). I am passionate about VC investing and am currently a fellow at Triphammer Ventures at Alumni Venture Group, prior to that she was an Associate at Red Bear Angels. In my spare time, I have found many ways to engage and promote Diversity in Tech through my blog series at SolidWorks, a Women in STEM Lean In Circle and Chapter she started, and most recently, a podcast series called “Mind the Gap Radio”, a series focused on promoting the stories of underrepresented communities in tech (LGBTQA+, women, minorities) and the stories of what inspired them to work in tech and business.

Mind the Gap Radio came to fruition when I felt that there was a gap in the voices we heard in tech forums. Every event I attend features high-powered executives in major companies and, if and when I’m lucky, the voices of Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg and Satya Nadella. However, business is not just comprised of their voices, there are many people in the trenches who are hustling every day to launch, create and enable the products we know and love in our jobs and in our personal lives. These are the stories I found myself craving. I felt inspired by what I saw on Humans of New York and heard on How I Built This; I wanted to highlight ordinary people doing amazing things and show the path to where they are today. This is how the idea for Mind the Gap Radio started.

I shared the idea with one of my mentors, Mike Volpe, and I knew at that point that I had to commit to the idea. This is how Mind the Gap Radio started.

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